Founder of Con Todo Press

This April we are honored to host Naibe Reynoso as our Dicho y Hecho special guest, she is an Emmy award-winning journalist, speaker, and author, she is also the founder of Con Todo Press. Since 2018 Con Todo Press has been on a mission to produce authentic books with relatable perspectives that reflect women, Latinos, and people of color. Visit the Con Todo Press website for more information. Below are a few questions we asked Naibe about her career and interests.

What inspired you to create Con Todo Press?

The first seed was planted in 2015 when I heard something on Television that broke my heart. I heard a Presidential candidate calling Latinos, and specifically Mexicans ‘Drug dealers, criminals, and rapists’ He had the audacity to use that as his Presidential campaign platform. He labeled Latinos as “Bad Hombres” and used that as his argument to build a wall. As a proud Mexican-American, and a Latina mother to a Mexican-American son and daughter, not only was I deeply offended, but I took this as a call to action.  The second seed planted to create Con Todo Press was when I took my son to a bookstore in search for books where he could see that he wasn’t a “bad hombre” that Latino men are also scientists, inventors,  astronauts,  activists and artists. I couldn’t find comprehensive biography books for his age range- that is when I knew I had to create them.

What advice do you have for Latinxs writers who want to publish their work?

They can and should do it! Now the ability to self-publish is so accessible, we don’t need gatekeepers to control our narratives, voices, and stories. The barriers to entry no longer exist because- depending on your specific project- you can self publish with very little investment

What do you envision for Con Todo Press in the future?

I hope that Con Todo Press keeps publishing books that empower, enlighten, entertain and engage readers. My dream is to keep expanding the “Little Biographies for Bright Minds Series” which are comprehensive mini-biographies of Latino leaders and other leaders of color. I hope to keep publishing other authors and give underrepresented voices a platform. On my list is also creating educational products that align with the mission of Con Todo Press.

What is your favorite book and why?

I am always reading (or listening to audiobooks) Right now, my two favorite reads are “Believe it” by Jaime Kern Lima, a female entrepreneur who takes us through her journey of working at Denny’s to selling her makeup company to L’Oreal for  1.2 billion. I am also loving Deepak Chopra’s “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” – a practical guide to the fulfillment of your dreams. This book is very grounding and reminds us to let go of ego, and that we are all one and the same. I try to read a few pages every day as part of my daily morning self-care routine.

Who inspires you and why?

Every hard-working Latino/a inspires me, every single day. Most of us grew up with hard-working parents. Parents that never got the accolades, recognition, awards etc. for all their hard work. I admire the woman who sells fruit in the corner, the man who I see selling flowers near the freeway. The Latinos who are leaders and company founders. They all inspire me in different ways for different reasons.