Founder of The Latina Golfers Association

We like to recognize our featured guests for our Dicho y Hecho Happy Hour Mixer. This February we are honored to host Azucena Maldonado. Azucena is the founder of The Latina Golfers Association(LGA). The LGA was founded in 2008 to introduce women of all ages to the game of golf for their professional development, personal enjoyment, and to promote a healthy lifestyle. For more information about LGA events and news please visit the LGA website. Below are a few questions we asked Azucena about her career and interests.

Who inspires you and why?

While I admire national and international figures contributing to our world, I am most inspired and in awe of the women, I have met socially and professionally in Los Angeles and have become friends and acquaintances. I love the Latino world I live in and I am moved by how the women in my circle are committed to making a difference in our community and especially are driven to empower women. I am surrounded by chingonas!


What’s the most important leadership lesson you’ve learned and how has it proven invaluable?

Many years ago I was the chair of the board of a Latino Chamber of Commerce and I led many meetings and initiatives. I was at a board committee meeting and I was presenting my plan of action to move forward on an urgent item to Latino businesses. I just assumed everyone was on the same page as me. I couldn’t even imagine that the group of like-minded individuals who were politically and culturally aware would not automatically be aligned with my plan! Well, they were not. And it was an AHA moment for me. I realized right there and then that not everyone in my circle thinks as I do! That was a real growing moment for me and since that moment – never assume that everyone around me’s brain works like mine and I am respectful of hearing people out and considering their point of view.


What do you envision for The Latina Golfers Association in 5 years?

In 5 years the Latina Golfers Association will be a national force for Latinas to have entry into the world of golf for pleasure and business. We will have a presence in key cities where Latinos are. We will have a strong virtual component and we will conduct more destination spa and golf trips locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.


What is your #1 tip for new golfers?

Have fun! Your golf experience is your own. Don’t compare yourselves to others. I tell them the truth about golf which is that to flourish in the golf world, it’s not about your technical golf ability, it’s about your golf etiquette and your respect for the game.


What is your favorite movie or book and why?

House of Spirits – Isabel Allende because she turned me on to Magical Realism through this book and her subsequent works.
Shawshank Redemption – film – I don’t usually watch a film more than once but I can watch this film over and over and never get tired of it. It moves me because of the resilience of the protagonist who is falsely accused of murdering his wife’s lover. In spite of his circumstances in prison, he finds a way to bring life into his daily, mundane life. He does something every single day, for years, to chisel his way out. I don’t remember the words but he tells his prison friend that he has to find hope/purpose every day and a dream to escape or else he could not conjure up the will to live. Yes, he escapes!