Executive Director of Northern Valley Red Cross Los Angeles Region

We like to recognize our featured guest for our November Dicho y Hecho Happy Hour Mixer. Below are a few questions we asked Hector LaFarga, Jr. Hector is the Executive Director of Northern Valley Red Cross of the Los Angeles region. He is a collaborative and compassionate non-profit executive committed to improving the lives of those he serves through empowering individual potential; creating sustainable funding; and building strong communities through education, advocacy and connection.

1) What is the one thing you enjoy most about your career?

As a “do-gooder” and having been in the non-profit sector for over 20 years, I enjoy seeing the transformation and impact that we can have in people’s lives, especially for those most vulnerable. I have had the privilege of serving both youth and adults, and I have seen the transformations first-hand, from the parent that is empowered to pursue their own education and earn their high school diploma and beyond to the students who excelled academically, went to college and are now leaders in the corporate and public sectors and lifting up those coming behind them. It is what drives me and my passion to continue to do the work!

2) Who inspires you and why?

At this moment in time, I am inspired by my 11- year old daughter, Viany! She has an incredible giving and loving heart and is always putting others before herself. Through her own will, she has volunteered at her school to assist with special needs children in the classroom, in the playground and on the soccer field. She wants them to feel loved and let them know that they are important. She recently shaved her head in honor of breast cancer awareness month and her godmother who is a survivor and donated her locks! If that was not enough, she was also awarded a Woman of the Year recognition by State Assemblywoman, Cristina Garcia, in recognition of her volunteerism. She is setting and example for others to follow to make our world a better place, and I want to be like her when I grow up!!

3) What is your favorite travel destination?

Mexico City has always been a favorite travel destination. The food, art, architecture, music, history, historic cantinas, the Chilango culture, did I mention the food! It is such an amazing city, whether you are walking or driving, it is always an adventure.

4) Who is your greatest influence?

Well, this is an easy one, my mother has always been my greatest influence. She has always been the rock in our family and although she is a woman of few words, the words she does speak resonate loud and clear!

5) What is your favorite movie or book? Why?

If you ask my wife, she would tell you that I have 100+ favorite movies! We literally have a running list of movies that I can watch over and over and never get bored, from comedies to political thrillers, I watch them all! But if you make me choose one movie, it would have to be The Godfather. I remember reading the book for a college course before I had even watched the movie and I think I read the book in one day. I was fascinated the focus on power, loyalty, betrayal, family and the character transformation of Michael Corleone. For Christmas last year, my 14-year old son gave me a Vito Corleone Funko Pop figure, need I say more!!