Los Angeles State Historic Park designated as the first “AGZA Certified Green Zone” in California State Parks System.

Los Angeles, CA (August 14, 2020) – Los Angeles River State Park Partners, working with the South Coast Air Quality Management District (South Coast AQMD) and California State Parks, has introduced its first battery-electric landscape maintenance equipment at Los Angeles State Historic Park (LASHP), 1245 N Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012.

The Los Angeles State Historic Park has been designated as the first “AGZA Certified Green Zone” in the California State Parks System by the American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA). Through its AGZA certification, LASHP staff transitioned park grounds operations to cleaner, quieter, and healthier alternatives. The park replaced all two-stroke gas powered equipment with battery electric and people-powered tools for all routine maintenance tasks.

“We’re proud Los Angeles State Historic Park is the first of California’s 280 State Parks to be designated an AGZA Green Zone,” said Craig Sap, Superintendent of the Angeles District of California State Parks. “We hope this State Park serves as a model for other State Parks in California and other public parks in Los Angeles.”

“There are a lot of benefits to using battery electric equipment. For operators, noise and vibration are dramatically reduced, emissions are eliminated, and there are fewer
problems with fuel spillage and contamination” said Abel Diaz, Park Maintenance Supervisor, California State Parks, who has trained extensively on the new equipment.

California State Parks worked closely with South Coast AQMD take advantage of its Commercial Lawn and Garden Program that provides rebates to reduce the cost of converting older, polluting gasoline- or diesel-powered equipment with clean battery-electric ones.

Michael A. Cacciotti, South Coast AQMD Board Member South Coast AQMD, noted: “Our program for 75% discount on Commercial Electric Lawn and Garden Equipment allows users to turn in old, polluting equipment to economically transition to the battery-electric future of landscape maintenance.”

According to the California Air Resources Board (CARB), 42% of engines tested failed CARB’s evaporative emissions test. In addition, equipment operators are exposed to carcinogens such as benzene and butadiene, increasing cancer risks.


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“We want to demonstrate to the community how we can convert landscaping throughout California to environmentally sound practices and healthier working conditions,” said Patricia Pérez, Chair of Los Angeles River State Park Partners.

Community volunteers part of the Los Angeles River State Park Partners led the effort to introduce the battery-electric landscape maintenance equipment to California State Parks and helped secure the AGZA certification.

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