Director of Digital Marketing and Social Media for Vallarta Supermarkets

We like to recognize a special guest at our monthly Dicho y Hecho Happy Hour Mixer. To get to know our guest we ask them a few questions.  Below are a few things we learned about Ivette Serrano:

What is the one thing you enjoy most about your job?

The one thing I enjoy the most here at Vallarta, thus far, has been presenting new ideas across the digital landscape to the executive leadership. There is so much potential for the company to try new things and I’m here for it.

Your #1 networking advise for those new to PR/Communications?

Always have a timely topic you can talk about, with anyone. Think ahead of what you will say to a stranger that you don’t know anything about. Traffic and weather are boring. Is there something in the news cycle that day you can relate to or bring a different perspective? Perhaps a recent trip abroad, or to a museum, even a concert. Before you know it, you’re learning more about each person just by being ready to engage in conversation.

Why did you pursue a career in PR/Marketing?

For me it was the easiest decision ever. When I attended William Workman High School in city of Industry (Go Lobos!) I was very involved. Yearbook, ASB, cheerleading, soccer, creating the campus newsletter, etc. One day, in my junior year, one of my favorite teachers, Mrs. Lavey and I were brainstorming about a school event. I said to her “couldn’t we call the news and see if they can come to our school to talk about our fundraiser”. She looked at me and said, “Ivette you need to go into Public Relations”. She explained it was this career with special events, and working with the media, and communicating with the community. I knew it was the right career for me.

 Who inspires you? And why?

There are so many people that inspire me, from Barbara Walters to Sandra Cisneros and Michelle Obama to Paquita la del Barrio to Ruth Bader Ginzburg. Its easy to admire these women for their major accomplishments in their fields, tenacity, and perseverance. Closer to home, I find inspiration in the everyday women who are hustling to better themselves, their careers, and their families.


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