Director of Marketing and Communications at LA Plaza De Cultura y Artes

We like to recognize a special guest at our monthly Dicho y Hecho Happy Hour Mixer. To get to know our guest we ask them a few questions.  Below are a few things we learned about Abelardo de la Peña Jr.:


LatinoLA is celebrating 20 years, how has it changed?

At the time of its founding, LatinoLA was the only locally-focused English-language media that presented user-generated content that encompasses the arts, entertainment, the community and personal opinions and expressions. Now, there are many more choices for both readers, viewers, and listeners and people creating content for them. Yet, LatinoLA has engendered a level of brand loyalty and trust within a core group of influentials that keeps the site active and engaged.

What is your favorite part of being the director for La Plaza De Cultura y Artes?

My favorite part of being director of Marketing and Communications at LA Plaza is the opportunity to interact with and contribute to all facets of the museum/cultural center, including exhibitions, public programming, education, development and administration. This leads to making my responsibilities of communicating our mission to the public via earned and social media, publications and other forms of outreach far more effective.

What is your favorite exhibit you have experienced since you worked there?

My favorite exhibition so far has been “Recuerdos del Futuro: Roaming Magu’s Chicano Dreams” a wonderfully magical compilation of paintings, drawings, sculptures and videos that reflected Gilbert “Magu” Luján beliefs in the Chicano community’s powerful influence. Magu was a personal friend and mentor. It was an honor to work with our curators and his family in bringing attention and attendance to the exhibition.

Who inspires you and why?

Lalo Alcaraz inspires me. He’s a talented writer/cartoonist/speaker/television writer who is not only up-to-the minute on current events taking place in the Latino community, he is able to interpret and give insights on them in a humorous, pointed, and satirical way that leaves me laughing, pondering, and ready to take action. He is also very giving in sharing his insights with young people and is pretty much everywhere all the time.

Favorite all time movie and why?

My favorite movie is Chinatown. It came out when I was in Community College studying Los Angeles history, and it brought that era of the city to graphic and brutal reality. What I liked best about the movie was the character Lt. Lou Escobar, who was lead character Jake Gittes’ nemesis and protector.

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