Tamarindo Podcast Hosts

We like to recognize a special guest at our monthly Dicho y Hecho Happy Hour Mixer. To get to know our guest we ask them a few questions.  Below are a few things we learned about Brenda Gonzalez and Ana Sheila Victorino:

What lead to Tamarindo Podcast?

Tamarindo podcast was created in 2016 with the mission to use levity to educate listeners on important issues that impact the Latinx community and elevate voices not often heard in the mainstream. The podcast was inspired by the lack of Latinx voices in the podcasts space and an interest in leveraging this medium to broaden awareness on issues like gender, race, politics, identify, and civil rights with our perspectives! Through the work on the podcast, we started to see how our current environment was creating a lot of heaviness and uncertainty for our community and realized that we also had an opportunity to uplift our listeners. With the addition of Ana Sheila as a co-host, we wanted to start to offer our listeners ways to balance the heaviness of our world with strategies that prioritize well being so our listeners could be inspired to do intentional and impactful work without sacrificing their health.

Who is your greatest inspiration?

Our greatest inspiration is not someone in particular but rather anyone who is driven to effect real change in the structures and paradigms that have long marginalized particular people and identities. They inspire us in our personal endeavors and they inspire us to keep doing what we do on Tamarindo podcast. Although this may seem like a dark and uncertain time in many ways, it’s also an exciting time because we believe we have a real opportunity to shape how we come out on the other side as love as we leverage our collective strength.

Who is your dream podcast guest?

Ana Sheila:

I would love to have Rita Moreno on the show! I find her career and talent so inspiring. I love learning from and talking to people that have a long life behind them because I think that even as technology and society advances, many of the lessons we learn as humans don’t really change. What changes is the context and lens through which we learn them. I would love to ask Rita what it was like when she literally was Latinx representation for us and the shifts she has experienced throughout her career in terms of representation, storytelling, her art form, and life in general.


My dream guest would be journalist and chingona Maria Hinojosa. She has been championing issues that impact communities of color for decades and started her own media company, futuro media with podcasts like LatinosUSA and In the Thick.

Tell us how to best pitch you a story idea or guest for your podcast?

What we’ve realized in our time doing our podcast specifically is that people don’t really care about the guest on the show as much as what we talk about. For us, the topic comes first. This is whyTamarindo limits guests to those who have expertise on a topic that is relevant to the Latinx community and can inspire reflection and action from listeners and/or has great strategies to promote wellbeing in our community. Guests must also be animated and engaging, so we may do a pre-interview call. We are also open to sponsored episodes or live-read advertisements if you think your company or organization has a message that intersects with our audience which is primarily listeners ages 24-40 living in communities with high Latinx residents like Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Chicago and Washington DC.

Fill in the blank, when I’m not podcasting I am ____?

Joint: When we are not podcasting, we are reading, watching, and reflecting about what we might want to talk about for the podcast 🤣🤣🤣!

Brenda: “When I am not podcasting, I am a nonprofit capacity-builder at a national Latino civil rights organizations”

Ana Sheila: When I am not podcasting, I am ideally outside somewhere working on my stress and wellness company Bask and Being, playing basketball, exercising, or meditating.

What is your favorite dish?

Brenda’s favorite dish is tacos arabes from Puebla and Ana Sheila loves coconut red lentil dahl over quinoa.


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