DACA DreamAct and TPS: Trending Latino Topics

Among the 43.7 million immigrants in the United States, there are two groups of mainly Latino residents that have been trending in the news, due to changes mandated by the current White House administration.

  • DACA  – Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

Established by the Obama administration in 2012, this program gave undocumented youth that met a certain criteria  the authorization to obtain work permits and a social security number. DACA was also meant to prevent the deportation of those who applied and complied with the requirements. President Donald Trump began the process of phasing out this program in September 2017 unleashing a myriad of responses both in support and against this decision; including lawsuits, protests, donations, social media campaigns, and  proposals in legislation.

  • DREAMAct – Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act

The DREAMAct was a proposed bi-partisan legislation, first introduced in in 2001, that would afford Undocumented immigrants who arrived in this country as children “conditional Status” and eventually permanent residence if they meet a certain criteria. Several versions of this legislation have been presented to legislators with out success in passing a bill. Though several other proposals to help undocumented youth, DREAMER has become the term generally used to describe this segment of immigrants.

  • TPS – Temporary Protective Status

Temporary Protective Status given in the United States to eligible nationals of designated countries where conditions temporarily prevent them from returning safely. Nearly 300,000 TPS Beneficiaries of TPS are from the  Latin American countries Honduras, Haiti and El Salvador according to Pew Research. The beneficiaries of TPS can also get a work authorization document, a Social Security number and, in some cases, they are allowed to travel. The Secretary of Homeland Security announced on January 8, 2018 the end of TPS for Salvadorans and a date of September 19, 2019, as the deadline to exit the U.S.

The following are links to stories from major news organizations with details on DACA and TPS on how these changes affect the Latinx Community.

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