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FLUX will raise awareness and advocate for the trans and gender nonconforming communities to reduce social barriers and health disparities

LOS ANGELES – (March 11, 2017) – No one should be denied employment, a place to live, or basic services because of who they are. Unfortunately, this kind of blatant discrimination is all too prevalent in the transgender and gender nonconforming communities. To help elevate the issues facing trans people, the Aids Healthcare Foundation (AHF), the largest global AIDS organization, on March 11 officially launched FLUX, a national infinity network dedicated to raising awareness, increasing visibility, providing support and giving a voice for trans and gender nonconforming individuals.
“Now more than ever the trans community needs our help and FLUX will be there by lending its support and resources for advocacy,” said Stephanie Hernandez, Chair, FLUX. “We will leverage the diversity and vibrancy of our communities across the U.S. to create a robust network that is for and by trans people.”
FLUX can be categorized by its core elements:
• Advocacy – FLUX will respond to emerging issues that impact trans communities and activates its network for that purpose.
• Events –FLUX events will serve to raise the profile of trans and gender nonconforming individuals by creating spaces that celebrates their talent and affirms their existence.
• Marketing– FLUX will create media content that feature the diverse images of trans and gender nonconforming individuals weaving together public health and social issues to produce an authentic picture of their lives.
• Relationship Building – FLUX will be a catalyst for creating relationships with community members, local elected officials and allies to leverage the voice and create opportunities to benefit trans and gender nonconforming people.
Trans people often report higher levels of mistreatment, harassment, and violence in every aspect of life. In fact, one in ten (10%) of those who were out to their immediate family reported that a family member was violent towards them because they were transgender, and 8% were kicked out of their home. Our nation is undergoing unprecedented change and the need for an organization that aims to raise the profile of the trans and gender nonconforming community is great. For more information visit www.Fluxidentity.org
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